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Slint – Washer

Goodnight my love. Remember me as you fall to sleep. Fill your pockets with the dust and the memories rises from the shoes on my feet I won’t be back here. Though we may meet again I know it’s dark outside. Don’t be afraid. Every time I ever cried for fear it was just a…

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Simping For Putin

In horrible news, Putin agrees to a ceasefire & civilian evacuation corridors in Ukraine – waits until civilians gather there, and then starts firing / shelling at them. Really makes you wonder where all the Carlson / MAGA crowd is right now. They are now shockingly quiet. Yet wouldn’t shut up Simping for Russia…

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for every woman

This poem hits a little close to home. Especially since I have two children – a boy & girl who both have a habit of pushing against gender norms. This was authored by Nancy R. Smith (Copyright © 1973) and you can visit her website at: [LINK]. For every woman who is tired of acting…

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