RIP: Dan Kaminsky

Sad to hear Dan Kaminsky passed away yesterday at the young age of 42.

He was an amazing researcher and teacher – and a true pioneer in privacy. He dates back to 2005 – helping expose the Sony Rootkit scandal [LINK] as well as hardening DNS.

What troubles me the most about this, is how the security industry can so easily see human life as disposable. Despite Dan’s genius, I have a suspicion he was neurodivergent. Let’s be honest. The “typical” person simply cannot spend hours upon hours reading bytecode or RFC. They typically don’t negotiate appropriate wages or can be as proactive in health assistance.

We lost an amazing brilliant mind when more could have been done. Hope more businesses improve health in a proactive way. And more friends check in on each other. As we can all do a better job of taking care of each other.