Don’t Just Vote

When you vote for the lesser evil, you’re still supporting evil.

I always thought it was ridiculous how passionate people get. Especially since I think people have a lot more in common than what the media wants us to think.

For me? It’s a waste of time

As I watch the last presidential debate, I can’t help but to roll my eyes from all the bullshit. So many people that I know are ranting on social media how awful Trump is and how wonderful Biden is.

Don’t get me wrong. Trump is a sack of shit too. But does it ever occur to people that partisan politics is really just two sides of the same coin?

Did all the Democrats really forget the following happened under Obama/Biden:

  • Literally starts to drone murder people and escalate the war in Afghanistan. Bombing Pakistan. Drone strikes in Yemen.
  • Decided to eliminate basic constitutional rights like Hebeus Corpus
  • Crackdown on whistleblowers and journalists, furthering the negative plunge of our Press Feedom Index
  • Bailing out Wall Street. Which makes since since he had Citibank choose his presidential cabinet.
  • Support Bush administration in government employees torturing prisoners, granting them immunity.
  • Brought brutal chattel slave labor to Libya.
  • NSA spying and government overreach.
  • The federally funding local police and escalated them unnecessarily into a militarized police force.
  • The
  • List
  • Can
  • Go on….

I don’t believe it is the right thing to do to add legitimacy to such an oligarchy. It’s even worse when people show up to a ballot, then ignore all the struggles for another 4 years.

What can we do?

This has always been a struggle. Pre-Covid, I had a passion for poverty alleviation. This was volunteering for assistance with the homeless. This can include kitchen cleanup at shelters. Helping with identification cards. And being an advocate for mental health assistance.

Post-covid has been a bit more of a challenge. Lately I have been trying to set a good example for my children. To teach them that truth doesn’t come from authority. That we need to treat each other with dignity. The values of worker owned labor.

What else can be done? Considered to have care packages ready to hand out to the homeless when needed. The only issue with this is that I have not been out as much working from home so often.

But I am open to suggestions on what needs people have.

What will you do?

Go ahead and vote. Or don’t vote, I don’t give a shit. But whatever you do, follow it up with positive actions because we really need to do a better job of taking care of each other…