Inspiration For The Makers

Have you ever tried to do something that didn’t turn out? Ever tinker with something and feel bad how it is?

I know I have – too many to list. Some were bad soldering projects (mod’ing old consoles) and poorly written python code for Omega2. Others projects were too ridiculous to even start. Including silly lamp ideas or energy supplement start-ups.

But despite this. I have proof that no matter how bad you may think your maker project is – it is awesome.

I was reading on some old technology before my time, and came across this blog post here –> [LINK]. It is a IBM Production Board:

The critic inside of me will admit. This thing looks like trash. It is poorly designed and was dated even by 1960’s standards. Yet despite all of this, it was a success.

If IBM can sell this awful wiring mess at $18,000 USD / per month to large Big Corp & E-Corp businesses… then I promise you, there is nothing you can do yourself that isn’t “production quality” by comparison.

Keep making.