Linux Desktop & Ubuntu

Back in high-school, my friend Sean Rice [LINK] introduced me to Linux & Open Source software.

I have fond memories of finishing up math homework, watching South Park (don’t judge, I have a soft spot for satire and political humor), and going over his home to tinker with Linux.

Recently, I found a really old outdated laptop and decided to give the desktop experience another whirl. I am somewhat familiar with it on the server side, but haven’t tried it on local hardware for quite some time.

I have to admit, the installation was smooth. What is more surprising, is the amount of work that also went into having setup not just help with re-partioning your disk, but also auto setting up your swap space with minimal input.

Despite this, I still have a few gripes:

  • Setting up an e-mail client for exchange
  • Screen flickering for old computers
  • Accessibility & readability issues
  • Design aesthetics feel half baked.
    • Simple GUI actions such as resizing can be a chore.

I think there will be a lot of negative press about Windows 11. So Microsoft releasing DESKTOP365 is a smart move. Will be interesting to see how everything plays out.

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  1. Totally agree! I’ve been using raspberry pi on a 4k monitor, and it has some display problems. Mostly that the desktop won’t scale up (tiny tiny window ui and text), and won’t remember any downsampling (forced lower resolution) setup I do to it. It’s the little things.