RIP: Peter Eckersley


Earlier this year – I wrote a short post about Aaron Swartz. And now unfortunately, Aaron’s old roommate also just passed away on 09/02/2022.

Some of his major accomplishments are the following:

  • Founding Lets Encrypt
  • Developing Cert Bot
  • Privacy Badger
  • Chief Computer Scientist @EFF
  • HTTPS Everywhere
  • Assisting with COVID19 mitigation

The above list is just what I’ve personally used. Lets Encrypt was a game changer in opening up encryption and privacy on the web. There are numerous other projects and studies he has done. If interested, he has written about AI – so would visit his webpage for other studies:

Even though I didn’t always agree with him politically (EFF/vanguard tactics are slow and inefficient), he was always trying his hardest to get different people together despite differences.

These are qualities we could all do a better job of improving.

$ certbot renew RIP-PETER-ECKERSLEY --dry-run